The Scott family’s history of ranching dates back to the 1800’s, but the foundations of the S Ranch as it is known today began in 1948.  John R. Scott Jr., then 25 years old and an avid roper, was competing in the famous Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo. While there, John heard that Montana had the best grass in the country. Having traveled from drought-inflicted Texas, this was music to the young man’s ears and John decided to see Montana for himself. He didn’t have to see much before he knew that it was the place for him. After talking to his father and brothers about the idea, they agreed to partner on three ranches near the Miles City, Montana area. John then shipped 800 head of cattle and 25 horses from his family’s Texas ranch to the Big Sky country by train, and the foundation of the modern S Ranch was laid. In 2008, the S Ranch celebrated 60 years of ranching in Montana.